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Important information about illegal taxis

There are many forms of transport in Ibiza. The White Licenced Taxis, the public buses and the private chauffeur companies, like Ibuss. The legal private chauffeur companies have an SP plate on the back of the vehicle. It is very important to check that your vehicle carries this sticker. It is a round sticker with SP in the middle. This means servicio publico. A servicio publico licence means:

1)      The company has the licence to carry the general public
2)      The company is fully insured
3)      The company has permission to pick clients up from the airport, from the port, from private villas and outside restaurants and clubs
4)      The drivers have taken the necessary exams to drive the general public
5)      All drivers are paid officially. Social security is paid and taxes are deducted
6)      The drivers are police checked and do not have a criminal record.
7)      All vehicles are tested and road worthy

It is absolutely essential tourists use legal forms of transport

Do not use illegal taxis

Whilst some private hire companies are fine, Ibiza has been plagued with an enormous problem of illegal taxis. The cars are sub-standard, the drivers are not police checked and many come from dubious backgrounds. Last year many villas were robbed after the clients used illegal taxis.

Who are the illegal taxis?

It is very obvious who  the legal companies are and who the illegal companies are. The guys who come up to you after a club has closed, or outside the clubs, in the airport or even in taxi ranks and offer you their taxi services. Under no circumstances use these taxis. If you don't believe us email bookings@ibizavillas2000.com. This is the largest villa rental company in Ibiza and they will confirm the problems they have had with illegal taxis.

These taxi drivers will charge you twice as much as normal taxis, and there is a high chance once they know where you live your villa will be robbed. If you do make the mistake of taking one of these taxis, make them drop you down the road and under no circumstances discuss your plans for the week.

The best solution, is take legal taxis and people carriers.

White taxis, companies which have the SP plate and public buses.

You may have to wait a little longer in peak season, but it's worth it.

However, there are many private cars which claim to be taxis.

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